Monday, November 21, 2011

Football And Life

So I Got this in a letter from my day and I thought I would share it with the world because I liked it so much.

"My Greenbay Packers are a perfect 10 and 0 so far for the season, I
believe everything in this world tend to point to Christ, even the
NFL. As I was saying the Packers are perfect for the season, sometimes
we see people who seem to almost be perfect. The Packers while they
have no losses yet this year do have a defence that has a lot of
problems being consistent, allowing some teams to score a lot of
points. The way the Packer deal with the problem is to score more
point than the opposing team at all costs, the thing that the Packers
do well. Then they work very hard and patiently with the defense
helping them get better. Sometimes we have to be like the Packers,
when the opposition exploits our weaknesses we should respond by doing
what we do well at even a higher degree and also work on our
weaknesses with coaching and patience. Never let the opposition get
you down just work harder doing what you are good at which will give
you success and keep your spirits up. mean while you identify what the
opposing force is hurting you on and get help and work to strengthen
your self there,. teams or people who let themselves get to
discouraged will lose and experience great sadness. No one is with out
weakness, when you fix one weakness Satan will find another one to
hurt you with, but a simple way to stay up is to do more of what you
are good at, for success and keeping your spirits up and repairing the
weak area at the same time with the help of Heavenly Father."

By Eric Simmons

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